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I am a queen of Imagination!!
I was born in the arms of the mighty Brahmaputra in the state of Assam, and
when I chose my life, I chose to follow my passion. I chose to create, I chose to think big, across the boundaries of dreams...
I chose to believe in 'Me...'
I Started my career as a lifestyle designer and a creator, and I went through a lot of phases which enriched my experiences. My journey took me from the premium brands to luxury brands, from blogging to journalism, from fashion fad to high end fashion. Following this journey I moved to the City of joy, Kolkata. The city which I fell in love with and the city that adopted me.
Yup! I am an “experience collector”. I am a storyteller, a saree poet, a designer, and a creator...
I am looking forward to sharing my dreams, visions and creativity as I embark on this magical pathway into the wonderful world of IMAGINATION!!


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